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Welcome to the Rush Hour Assault WikiaEdit

Hi, this is the Rush Hour Assault wiki, all tips and info related to the game will be posted here! Feel free to add your own :)

I'm new to this whole wikia thing so give me a bit of time to get used to it lol. Currently still working on putting up info and layout.

About Rush Hour AssaultEdit

Rush Hour Assault is a mobile car racing game, well sort of. It has heavy element of traffic dodging and car combat mixed in it. There are two solo time attack modes, 3 different multiplayer survival modes and 2 Ranked Match modes you can play in the game currently.

Multiplayer modes can get pretty crazy when all 5 players are present and unloading their weapons on each other, but it's also a lot of fun! The game is currently in beta testing stage.

Btw, I'm just gonna call the game RHA through out the wiki for simplicity's sake.

Latest activityEdit

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