Assault TechsEdit

These are one of the things that make RHA different from other games, at the lobby screen you can pick two (sometimes three) Assault Techs for yourself. There are limits to how many of each Assault Tech you can carry with you into a race, but you will run into orange colored pickup that refills some of your tech if you're lucky.

Homing Rockets Edit

  • These are powerful rockets with a large blast radius, auto selects a target when fired, the aiming priority is in order: Player -> Helicopter -> Police Cars.

Front Energy Gun Edit

  • Multi-shot front mounted energy gun, will blast cars into the air when hit; causing medium amount of damage.

Back Machine Gun Edit

  • Back mounted machine gun that targets players behind you, heavy damage and a high chance of poping other player's tires.

Shockwave Blast Edit

  • Sends off a powerful shockwave blast around player's car, sending all cars into the air in a large radius. Will also destroy helicopter if they're in range.

Energy Shield Edit

  • Strong energy shield that protects the player, has limited armor points; will go down once armor points are spent.

Turbo Boost Edit

  • Provides the player with a strong speed boost, can be a very powerful Assault Tech when used in combination with certain car skills.

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